Episode 42: Tony Remington

35 minutes

Tony Remington is a photographer and painter who practices many other art forms. Listen to us discuss his humanistic photojournalist style and portraiture, his vision and desire to continue to create in many genres such as cartooning. 




Article on the Al Robles Express, 2019, by Lisa Suguitan Melnick: 


Article on Tony Remington's exhibit by Carlos Zialcita:



Tony Remington grew up in San Francisco's Haight/Ashbury and has lived in many parts of San Francisco such as Daly City and West Oakland. Although he had experience many Balikbayan trips to the Philippines with his parents, in 2005 he began a series of extended visits to the Philippines that accumulated to more than seven years.

In 1970 he began his life as a photographer, became involved in Ethnic Studies at San Francisco State College, and developed an interest in Eastern Philosophy.

Upon leaving college and after completing his first major photographic essay in the Philippines, he began his work in the post-International Hotel community of San Francisco with poet/activist Al Robles and poet/social worker Presco Tabios. It was here working as food delivery person for home-bound seniors in a makeshift re-established post "Manilatown" he photographed the "Manongs" from 1977 to 1981.

The bulk of his economic life span included odd jobs such as handyman carpentry, but most notably to commericial photography, working 15 years as a commercial digital product photographer for two prepress/printing companies.

The mainstay of Tony Remington's vision is rooted in his ongoing body of work as a social realist photographer. This influence formally began to transfer into his paintings in 2017 as the official artist of the Manilatown Heritage Foundation's 50th Anniversary of the International Hotel Eviction of August 4.

In his own words "I believe in a deeper indigenous sense of continued spiritual evolution."

Tony's Gallery Showing Info

photo by Tony on Manong

Manong Wilfred Ventura, post Manilatown era, Amparo Hotel, San Francisco, CA, 1979, by Tony Remington


Ocean Beach San Fran 1975 photo by Tony Remington

Ocean Beach, San Francisco, CA, 1975, by Tony Remington


Ondoy Flood, Philippines, 2009, photo by Tony Remington

Ondoy Flood, Philippines, 2009, by Tony Remington


Greetings from an Old Soul photo by Tony Remington

"Greetings from an Old Soul", Artex Compound Barangay, Panhulo, Malabon City, Metro Manila, Philippines, 2009, by Tony Remington

Kalinga Dancers photo by Tony Remington

Laga Festival, Kalinga Apayao, Cordilleras of Luzon, Philippines, 2019, by Tony Remington

Juanito Tamayo Lott, 2019, Filbookfest5 by Tony Remington

Juanita Tamayo Lott at the 5th Annual Filipino American International Book Fest, San Francisco Public Library, October 2019, by Tony Remington

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