Episode 55: Anne Marie Wells

29 minutes

I introduce to you Anne Marie Wells @amwellswrites from Wyoming, a poet and playwright.  You will find interesting tidbits about her work & her life: when she was a nanny for a rock band she wrote a draft of 70,000 word novel in 3 days, among other things! 




Enemy Bridge

My enemies will someday hold their dying mother in their arms,
and their crooked hole of a mouth
screaming anguished into the air above
will become my next breath.
We will share the same chorus of pain,
the secret song that unites us all,
a universal refrain that asks us to
bless this world for its suffering
for it’s the only thing that builds the bridge of empathy.

Selected by Muddy River Poetry Review, Spring 2020



Holding the shell of the man he used to be to my ear,
his tidal voice crashed ashore,
calling me to watch a nest of turtles
break free from their sandy womb, frantic
to find their ocean mother;
a race from first breath to moonlit waves.
I will remember you this way,
I promised.

Selected for publication by In Parentheses, Winter 2020



In 2015, Anne Marie Wells published her children’s book, MAMÃ, PORQUE SOU UMA AVE?/MOMMY, WHY AM I A BIRD? (Imprensa Universidade de Coimbra). She earned first place in the Riot Act Regional New Play Festival in 2017 for her play, LOVE AND RADIO (AND ZOMBIES... KIND OF), and earned second place in 2018 for her play, LAST. ONLY. BEST. In 2019, the Wrights of Wyoming judges blindly selected four of her theatrical works for the statewide play festival in Cheyenne (LAST. ONLY. BEST.; MISS SNICKLEFRITZ'S MURDER MYSTERY; THE DOOR; and INDIGO SIREN). In 2020, her play LAST. ONLY. BEST. was selected for publication in The Dallas Review, and her 10-minute play, THE DOOR will appear in The Progenitor Art & Literary Journal.

Anne Marie is also an avid storyteller and performed in and won several Cabin Fever Story Slams and was selected by The Moth to perform in a 'Main Stage' event in Jackson Hole, Wyoming in 2019.

Her poems have appeared or will appear in In Parentheses, Lucky Jefferson, Unlimited Literature, Soliloquies Anthology, Muddy River Poetry Review, Variant Literature, Poets' Choice, Meniscus Journal, Changing Womxn Collective, and The Voices Project.

Facebook: @annemariewellsriter

Instagram: @anne___.marie

Twitter: @amwellswrites

Pintrest: annemariewellswriter

Tumblr: @annemariewellswriter

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