Episode 8: Yvonne Neth

24 minutes

Yvonne Neth is a prolific visual artist working in several mediums.  Listen to us discuss her views on cultural and environmental preservation, as well as her thoughts on striking the balance as a mother and artist, and her experience being a woman in a tech field while gaining her commercial pilot license.



Photo of Yvonne Neth working on piece in her studio

Yvonne Neth was born on the island of Pohnpei in the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) to Pohnpeian and Chamorro parents. She spent her growing years both on Pohnpei and on the island of Saipan in the Northern Marianas. Yvonne attended university in Honolulu, majoring in cultural anthropology, and also earned her FAA Commercial pilot’s license during her years in Hawaii. She returned to Pohnpei in 2009, and worked as a co-pilot for Caroline Islands Air. Eventually, the FSM Government employed Yvonne as their Aviation Operations Inspector for the nation's Division of Civil Aviation. After three years, she shifted from this position and became the Vice-Director for the NGO, Island Research and Education Initiative (IREI), a not-for-profit non governmental organization dedicated to producing culturally-relevant educational materials for Micronesia's students and conducting anthropological, environmental, and geological research in the region. Yvonne has collaborated with professionals throughout the Pacific region and has helped develop a multitude of educational products for Micronesia. Photo of Yvonne Neth's charcoal on paper piece entitled

Yvonne’s current art projects include a series of large charcoal portraits of Pacific people and a series dedicated to environment conservation. She also works with a variety of other media, including graphite, colored pencil, conte crayon, ink, pastel and watercolor.

Visit her website: http://yvonneneth.com

Yvonne Neth's "...Gone Tomorrow: Tuna snarled in commercial fishing net, World Tuna Day Contest" (Majuro, RMI) Charcoal on paper by Yvonne Neth

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